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To assist immigrant teens and their families to overcome barriers and obstacles in integrating into society so that they can make a meaningful contributions to the country.
We help young adults who suffer from immigration complexities to discover their abilities and talents and be efficient members of the community.


To be a partner with youth immigrants and empower them to create their own individual, quality life plans, and support them in achieving their goals.
To be recognized as an expert coaching, training and ongoing mentoring resource for youth immigrants and their families in need of help and to be the agency of choice for the supply of these services.

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We are a non-for-profit organization that aims to address the complexities of immigration which has adverse impact on our Youth and their future role in our country. The immigration causes the breaking of all ties and circles and that’s the reason why the youth immigrant feel despair and lonely which has extremely adverse impact on their well being, social establishment, acceptance, and the future of Canada.
In many cases, the economic situation of the family does not give them the opportunity to use the costly services of private sector for help in education, attend workshops, or seek professional counselling sessions.
Therefore, the existence of our non-for-profit organization to fill the gap and be a cultural bridge in bringing the immigrants and local community values together is a key element for the healthy and proper development of the community.

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