Youth well being project; Skill development( Web Design), Music(Guitar), Educational(Math, French, English peer mentorship classes) Every Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. in Sixteenth Ave public school, Richmond Hill

Activities are running every Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m in Sixteenth Ave public school Address: 400 16th Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 7A9 

Web Design Goals & Objectives:

  • _Understand the principles of creating an effective web page
  • _Become familiar with graphic design principles _Develop skills in analyzing the usability of a web site.
  • _Understand how to plan and conduct user research related to web usability.
  • _Learn the language of the web: HTML and CSS. _Learn techniques of responsive web design, including media queries.

Music class Goals & Objectives:

  • Experience, recognize, respond to, read, notate, perform, and create rhythms and melodic patterns.
  • Experience and perform  musical textures and harmonic structures
  • Recognize, identify, and respond to expressive elements of music
  • Respond to musical experiences and create movement
  • Recognize and apply appropriate music vocabulary to the other program objectives.

Math, English, and French peer mentorship  Goals & Objectives:

We aim  to provide quality tutoring classes through peer mentorship and youth-led tutors that supports student learning and empowers students to achieve success in their academic curriculum

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