ICTC Covid-19 Projects; Making a Better You is all about healthy eating and changing eating habits through online workshops.(First workshop June 6th, Second Online workshop July 4th, Third Online workshop August 23rd, Fourth Online workshop October 18th, Fifth Online Workshop November 22nd, and Sixth Online workshop December 27th 2020. “Supported by President’s Choice Children’s Charity” *Please see the performed workshops in the “past Projects/Events ” section*

The proposed project is “Making a Better You” features ideas and suggestions for supporting the creation
of a healthier lifestyle through changing habits by healthy food (Food Skills) choices. Such colaborative
commitments create environments that give young people the opportunity to develop into well-rounded
These programs will be easily accessible by all participants free of charge to support low to moderate
income families in city of Richmond Hill and those who shave lack of proper nutrition.
Food Skills Project Objective:
_To create food environments that provide opportunities to make low cost healthy food choices and
promote healthy life style among the young immigrants and newcomers who sufer from lack of English
knowledge, use fast food in their daily life style, and have problem identifying healthy food choices in
_Providing relevant information and resources on cost effective healthy eating through booklet.
_Facilitating practical and hands-on experience of r the participants and influence the eating habti change
through group work.
_Implement budget based healthy choice solutions.
_Promoting hands-on program that teaches participants how to make healthy meal, healthy snack and
beverage choices, and easy cooking methods.
_ Targeting the youth at risk of obesity or those having wrong eating habits. Please register by email through ictcorganization@gmail.com or call 4168869306. Supported by President’s Choice Children’s Charity.



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