Promote Vaccination; Educational Video- Supported by Public Health Agency of Canada

Vaccine Community innovation challenge.

“Vaccine saves My Life” aims to establish effective strategies to support the success of public health Covid-19 vaccination policies and prevent vaccine refusal which can result from complacency, inconvenience, a lack of confidence or knowledge, and a rational calculation of pros and cons. The project implements an effective behavioral influence and communication strategies to increase vaccine uptake, and tailored plans especially for at-risk populations and those affected by health inequities. We will raise awareness on importance of vaccination among at least three different community groups in York Region and online platform for other community members in Ontario and guide the participants to overcome the obstacles that prevent the inclusion and full participation in province wide vaccination program due to attitudes to and perspectives on vaccinations depending on demographics, religion, psychographics, culture, political views, news consumption, geographic locations, and language barrier factors. This will be done through online workshops on vaccination knowledge development during the pandemic/ or in person workshops once permitted and informational postings through social media groups for more than 1600 direct audience. At the end of the project, participants will be able to confront disinformation campaigns against vaccines, change attitude and habit on vaccine hesitancy,  understand biases( Omission, Optimism, and Confirmation) and how to overcome them, trust public health recommendations, and obtain vaccine as early as it becomes available for them.


This project is supported by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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