About Us



ICTC Youth Foundation helps youth understand the difference between right and wrong. The existence of our non-for-profit organization to fill the gap and be a cultural bridge in bringing the immigrants and local community values together is a key element for the healthy and proper development of the community.


We strongly feel the immediate need for easily accessible projects during which newcomers or minorities to be incorporated into the social structure of York region community to prevent further damages.​


Our vision is to pass this torch of kindness and understanding from our current teenagers to the new generation that will be coming to Canada by proving them a place to share and grow.


We are committed to making sure that the opportunity of solving immigration complications that teens are facing is not fading away. We strongly believe that the responsibility of finding solutions lies with both government and non-for-profit organizations and the optimum results can only be achieved by bringing awareness to the issues and taking proper actions.


We want to bring unity to all teenagers going through life and provide a supportive, loving and understanding environment for them in the most important years of their growth and character development. We aim to provide mentors and a group of peers that they can share their thoughts and feelings without being judged or discriminated against.

Our Effort

ICTC has been successful in running different workshops such as painting, photography, and psychology letting youth define and process the idea and proceed to implement the stages of the projects with a supportive coaching mechanism. Our program designed to help youth to find new friends, new skills, counselling to achieve their goals, or help them get their life back on track.


The cultural/or multi-cultural events and family gatherings offered by our organization are designed to fill the gap and establish a new relationship and friendship ties for a better understanding of the host society structure and smooth integration. These are elements for the inclusion of youth and their families and maintaining mental health. ICTC is running gatherings in a safe and loving environment where our teens can easily, without any judgement, communicate with their peers, share their experiences and be able to learn new techniques to cope with the new environment.

Another activity is running educational-academic sessions run for youth immigrants having difficulty in English or understanding of the school subjects and help them to figure out the subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry and make a smooth transition to the academic system. This program helps low-income families to have access to private tutoring and prevent them from being isolated in school and encourage young people to more participate in school and plans for a brighter future. Youth volunteers are selected for mentoring and tutoring in this program under the supervision of university graduate experts.